Palmistry and Tarot Workshops
with Kiera and Anna in Torquay. Please email me to go on the waiting list. Let us know if evening or afternoon suits you best. See events page for dates.

Psychic Development
for beginners. Price £16. We use various divination and meditation techniques to help you 'open up' your psychic side, for example Tarot Cards, pendulum dowsing, psychometry, auras. We will also teach you about psychic protection and how to come 'back down to earth' by grounding afterwards!

Palmistry and Tarot Intro
Tarot - Looking at and interpreting the Symbolism in Tarot Cards. Palmistry - "I know it like the back of my hand" - what do your nails and knuckles reveal, rings on fingers, and did you know you have a 'mouse' on the back of your hand? :-) Price £16

Tarot vs Playing cards workshop
with Kiera. Tarot vs playing cards, discussion and taster readings.

Songs of the Tarot Quiz
An interactive evening combining music and tarot in a fun quiz. Team rounds, spot prizes, 'name that card'. £10

Fools Journey Tarot workshop
Together we will create a Fool's journey through life. This workshop takes on a life of it's own, so is different each time. Suitable for beginners or experienced tarot readers. Feel free to dress as a character from the Major Arcana, or bring a prop! Price £16

Tarot - Masculine & Feminine

Numerology and Tarot

Earth, water, fire, air