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are available at Discovery in Torquay Indoor Market. Click below

Palmistry and Tarot Readings at Discovery, Torquay Market, Devon.

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druid craft tarot

rider waite deck

llewellyn tarot

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tarot illuminati

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Online Tarot and Palmistry readings

Online palmistry reading.
Sorry - currently online hand analysis and palm readings are not available due to time constraints. However you can email me if you have concerns or a specific question about a feature on your hands (send a clear photo). lynn@handanalysis.co.uk

For the chance of free palmistry readings, you can post your handprints and ask questions at the Modern Hand Reading Forum where there are many palm readers worldwide who can help to answer your questions. I am co-moderator of this forum and log on almost every day, so I will see your post there and am happy to answer specific questions about hand features and palm lines, but please note I do not give full readings online.

Online Tarot card reading.
Your online tarot reading will be done in the same way as I read for clients face-to-face, laying out a Celtic Cross spread and interpreting the cards for you. You can choose between a recorded spoken reading which will be sent as mp3 file along with a photo of your spread Cost £30, or you can receive a fully illustrated written report for £35.

You have a choice of five Tarot decks for me to work with, from the following:

Druidcraft Fool Druidcraft Ace Cups The Druidcraft Tarot

Rider Waite Fool Rider Waite Ace Cups Traditional Rider Waite Tarot

Llewellyn Fool Llewellyn Ace Cups Llewellyn deck

Gilded Tarot Fool Gilded Ace Cups Gilded Tarot

Illuminati Fool Illuminati Ace Cups Tarot Illuminati

If you don't have a favourite, I will use the Tarot pack that I feel most drawn towards for you.
Please note that, whilst doing your tarot reading I focus on your question, make you the centre of attention, and interpret the cards to the best of my ability, the answer depends upon what cards come up. It is not 'fortune telling', and I do not claim to be 'psychic'. The cards are intended for guidance, the future is not set in stone. You have free will to make your own decisions and to take control of your life! The reading may not always say a definite 'yes or no' or give a specific time, but the cards will always give some guidance and show the possibilities ahead.

For your own personal online Tarot reading by email, this is what you need to do...
1. email me at lynn@handanalysis.co.uk to make sure I have time to do your online tarot reading. I will give you the earliest possible delivery date. I try to do your reading within 48 hours of your request, but sometimes it might be a week. Once you have received confirmation that I am able to do your reading within a mutually agreeable time: -
2. Sit in a quiet place, try to relax physically and to clear your mind for a few moments. Then mentally focus on the issues or questions that you would like to ask the cards about. Write down the question that you would like the cards to give guidance on.
3. Thinking of your question, write down 12 random numbers between 1 and 78.
4. Send your name, gender, date of birth, country where you live, your question and your 12 numbers, by email to lynn@handanalysis.co.uk
5. Once I've received your details, I will ask you to pay by paypal.
Spoken reading, audio file Cost £30.
Written reading Cost £35

Online Tarot Reading
Once your payment is received and a date arranged for delivery of your reading:
For email written reading, I will spend 3-4 hours studying and reading your chosen cards, and typing out the reading for you. You will receive a comprehensive, unique personal tarot reading, several pages long, with all cards illustrated and explained, sent by email attachment on MS word document (or please specify if you wish to receive on another format).
For a spoken reading I will lay out the cards and record the reading on audio file as mp3. This will be uploaded to dropbox and I send you a link so that you can download it to your computer.
No expensive phone lines, no computer generated readings, no copied and pasted general interpretations - your reading is written especially for you, as close to a personal face to face tarot reading as I can get.

Once you've received your reading, you are welcome to send feedback and ask for clarification if there's anything that you don't understand or relate to. I do not take the money out of paypal until I am sure that my customers are satisfied with their reading.

Donation button if you'd like to say thanks for online enquiries and make a small donation via paypal. Feel free to donate whatever you feel is appropriate, many thanks.