Palm and Tarot
readings in Torquay, Devon

To book a palmistry or tarot reading:
email: lynn@handanalysis.co.uk
phone: 01803 211353
text: 07434916738

I am available for readings by prior appointment
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at
Discovery, Therapies & Readings.
upstairs in Torquay Indoor Market,
Market Street, Torquay. Devon. TQ1 3AE

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Readings at Discovery

Online Tarot readings
I provide personal online tarot readings via email. For more details please click the link below.
Online readings

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Types of Readings available

Private palmistry and tarot readings with Lynn in Torquay, Devon.
Palmistry and Tarot readings at fairs.
Readings at parties and corporate events.
Online Tarot reading.
Online palmistry reading.

Palmistry and Tarot readings with Lynn in Torquay

Readings are available at
Discovery, upstairs, Torquay Indoor Market, Market Street, Torquay. Devon. TQ1 3AE. Contact Lynn on 01803 211353 or email lynn@handanalysis.co.uk

Traditional tarot reading: 40 mins £25, 1 hour £30
This will usually be a Celtic Cross spread (40 mins reading) plus further cards if necessary to ask questions (1 hour). A Tarot reading can be useful for guidance and help you clarify issues in your mind. Whereas your hand is all about YOU, the cards can bring in more about external influences, other people.

Modern Palmistry - includes hand prints & recording of your reading.
90 minute appointment - £38

an amazingly in-depth hand reading! Good for taking stock, understanding and accepting yourself, decision making, creating change. I take your hand prints, followed by an in-depth analysis, more time for you to ask questions and discuss aspects of the reading, plus time to focus on a particular issue or area of life in more detail. Good for taking stock of your life, having a re-think, getting to know yourself, self-acceptance, creating change for the future etc.

Palmistry and Tarot reading. 2 hour+ appointment - £48
an in-depth hand reading followed by a tarot card reading. If you are at a crossroads in your life, feel confused, trying to find your direction, I recommend that you make a one-off investment in a 2 hour reading. It allows time to have a really good look at your hands, followed by a Celtic Cross tarot spread of 10 cards. There is time to talk afterwards and draw more cards if you need clarification on anything. How often do you get two whole hours to focus on Your Self and your needs? It can help you to understand yourself and your situation, bring an objective view of things, clarification of issues, guidance and direction. Please allow up to two and a half hours for this very comprehensive combined reading.

Follow-up palm reading 45 mins - £25
Bring along your old hand prints, we'll take new ones & compare to see what's changed. The fingerprints never change, but the lines on the hand can change, sometimes subtly and slowly, but sometimes dramatically!

Price Guarantee: I don't ask for payment until the end of your reading. If you are not satisfied with it, if you're unhappy with the accuracy and integrity of your reading, if you don't find it interesting, informative or helpful, then don't pay me a penny. Please understand that there will be some questions that I am unable to answer, especially regarding prediction. I am not a clairvoyant or fortune teller. Your future depends on your own actions after you leave the reading room!

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Readings at Discovery

Readings at fairs.
I am regularly available for palmistry and tarot readings at fairs and events in Torbay and South Devon area. See Events page for dates and venues.

Readings at parties and corporate events.
I am happy to be part of a group of palm and tarot readers who are able to provide readings at private parties, hen nights, or corporate events. Please contact me with your requirements. >

Online Palmistry and Tarot Readings.
Sorry, currently online palmistry readings are not available.
For your personal online tarot card reading via email, please click on the link below
Online Tarot card readings