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I am available for readings at Discovery,
Unit P, upstairs,
Torquay Indoor Market,
Market Street, Torquay,
TQ1 3AE. Devon

For enquiries about readings and appointments:

email: lynn@handanalysis.co.uk

phone: 01803 211353

text: 07434916738
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Lynn is also known locally as Anna when working with Kiera. Here we are at South Devon festival.


About Lynn, tarot and palm reader in Torquay.

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Hi, my name is Lynn, I have been a palmist and tarot card reader for 25 years. I am one of the few hand readers in the world to have studied both traditional western palmistry and hand analysis based on the 5 elements, as well as modern scientific research about hands. I am passionate about hand reading!lynn

I first became interested in tarot and palmistry in 1989 after my friend Debbie-Kiera, took me (nay, dragged me, kicking and screaming!) to have a palm and tarot reading ~ she was paying, so I couldn't politely refuse! I entered the room as a sceptic... little did I know my life was about to change! Beleta, the palmist and tarot reader, was so accurate about many aspects of my life and character. I was impressed, amazed and intrigued - I had no idea the hand could reveal so much. Beleta invited us to learn palmistry. By now very curious to see how it's done, we went along to her classes at the Meridian Centre.

Learning palmistry is hard work, but by observing hands, trying and testing out what Beleta taught me, and encouraged by the positive feedback, I soon became obsessed with this fascinating subject! I read every palmistry book I could find, but still had many unanswered questions. In 1994 I began a course in 5-element hand analysis with the Cheirological Society ~ it was brilliant! With the help of my tutor, Christopher Jones, I went on to attain Diplomas in Chirology to standards achieved by only 20 others in that field. What's more, I learnt a lot about myself, about people and life in general. Hand analysis & the elements opened the door to so much more!

My area of particular interest is in the hands of people with learning difficulties, which I have always hoped to research in more depth given the time and opportunity. Having said that, I am interested in ALL hands and love to see hands with unusual or rare features!

Debbie-Kiera taught me how to read the tarot cards. I wasn't the easiest student she'd ever had - all my teachers say I ask too many questions! It was so exciting to learn all about the secrets hidden in the cards, the symbolism, how the tarot can guide us and tell the story of our lives, the traditional meanings passed down from teacher to student. Without Debbie I would never have become a professional reader or teacher, she encouraged me to put the skills I'd learnt into practise. In 2012 we celebrated 20 years of doing readings and teaching together, working under the names of Kiera and Anna which were given to us by our teacher. Beleta was given Kiera's name by her spirit guides, whereas mine started as more of a joke though it proved to be rather prophetic - "I will call you Anna as one day you will make a good ANAlytical palmist" ;-)

I have been interviewed by, and had palmistry articles featured in, national and local magazines and newspapers, interviews on local radio, BBC Radio Devon & "Voice America". See 'articles' page.

With handreading, you never stop learning. There is so much research still to be done, and so much to learn from others. When I first learnt, it was quite a lonely business as there weren't many people to discuss hands with. Then came the internet which opened up whole new worlds of handreading, discussion and research!

Since 1999 I keep in regular contact with leading hand analysts from all over the world, via internet and email, to discuss ideas and techniques, weed out the palmistry myths, and share information, research and modern discoveries on hands.
Over the years with my website and involvement in various palmistry discussion groups such as Sue Compton's 'Palmistry International', Patti Lightflower's 'Hand Analysis of the Future', and especially in my role as assistant manager of the 'Hand Reading Cyber Cafe' - a worldwide forum for hand reading professionals, scientists, researchers etc. (now archived) - I became internationally known to clients and am fortunate to have made many friends amongst palmistry authors and handreaders worldwide. Many of us share the same aim - to get away from the traditional image of the fortune teller with the crystal ball, and bring palmistry into the 21st Century with less emphasis on prediction and more on self understanding and self development, with a stronger scientific basis.

Currently I am co-moderator of two online palmistry groups:
Yahoo Palmistry Primal Focus Group, Frank Van Capelle's online palmistry discussion group, open to all.

MODERN HAND READING FORUM, Martijn van Mensvoort's discussion forum for various schools and traditions of palmistry, a 'bridge' between science & modern hand analysis.

Over the years of reading hands, I discovered that many people have lots of fine lines all over their palm, plus other features that show they are very stressed! So I took some courses and qualified as a relaxation therapist, to enable me to teach clients some simple techniques for stress management and how to feel more relaxed.

I give talks, workshops and run courses in hand analysis and modern palmistry. I am available for readings at "Discovery" in Torquay Market, Devon, England. For more info see my pages on Readings and Courses
Also please check out my other website Discovery website for readings in Torquay. Thanks for taking an interest in my website and my work :) If you would like a reading with me, see the left side bar (PC) or scroll up (mobile) for contact details.