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Palmistry Articles and Interviews

March 2017
Lynn was interviewed by Amy Miller on Riviera FM radio (75 mins).
Sorry about my voice quality, I had sore throat and cold. The file size was too big to upload so I had to edit some music out, apologies for my bad editing!
You can listen to the mp3 by clicking below.
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11th September 2013
Whilst Edward D. Campbell's site is down, Ed has allowed me to host his webpage about the palmistry history of Dermatoglyphics and Palmar Patterns, written by Ed Campbell in 1998.
click here to view EdCampbell-PalmD-History

Herald interview Oct 2010
14th October 2010
Lynn was interviewed about palmistry
by Ania at Torquay Herald Express.
Click on the picture, then zoom to view full size

June 2010
Lynn was interviewed by Kenneth Lagerstrom on Voice America Radio. (1 hour).
Title of the show was "Lines on the Palm of your hand".
You can listen to the mp3 by clicking below. The copyright of this recording is owned by Ken Lagerstrom, but he gave me permission to share it (thanks Ken!).
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26th March 2010
Lynn was interviewed about Hand Analysis by Cat Crane on Torbay online radio station riviera.fm.
(link no longer active)

Herald interview March 2010

February 2010
Lynn's interview about palm reading
by Ania for the Torbay Herald Express.
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Jan 2007
Lynn interviewed by John Govier on BBC Radio Devon. (30 mins)
Click here to access mp3 file
or go to BBC Radio Devon page and scroll down to "Hand Analysis"
Click here to listen to 30 min interview

kindred spirit article

March 2006
Link to Jennifer Hirsch's article that appeared in Kindred Spirit magazine.
Reproduced with their permission. To view full article in PDF format. Click here

An article I wrote about Hand Analysis for Soothing Minds website.
Click here to read Hand Analysis Article at soothingminds.co.uk

red magazine interview

July 2003
This article about Lynn and palm reading was written by Bibi Lynch was published in the edition of "Red" Magazine. (U.K.)
I hope I'm not breaching copyright by reproducing it here. I wrote to the publishers several times to ask for permission but no one wrote back. It's been copied and pasted to fit on one page.
Click on picture to read full article.

Johnny Fincham

Interview with hand analyst Johnny Fincham at holisticshop

Click here to read Online interview