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in Torquay, with Kiera and Anna
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in Torquay, with Kiera and Anna

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Tarot Courses in Torquay

with Kiera & Anna (Debbie & Lynn) high priestess card
If you would like to learn how to read tarot cards, come along to our lesson in Torquay, Devon.

There are 3 Tarot Courses available -
Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

We teach small groups up to 9 people. Our comprehensive tarot courses teach you everything you need to know to be able to read the cards for personal use or friends and family or as a new career! Many of our students have gone on to become professional tarot readers.

Courses are held in Torquay, Devon.
Each lesson lasts 2 hours, usually Thursday evenings 7 - 9 p.m.
Courses include notes on handouts, and certificates on completion.
Course fees can be paid in instalments.
Please email for details of next course.

Tarot Foundation Course
In this course we look at each card individually, the traditional meanings, symbolism and lyrics of all 78 Tarot cards, plus four spreads, relaxation and meditation exercises. It is not necessary to own a set of cards when you start the course - we use lots of different decks in class, so you can see which one suits you before purchase. There may be the chance to buy cards at a discounted price.
12 week course, usually Thursday evenings, each lesson lasts 2 hours, cost £165, can be paid in instalments.

Tarot Foundation Course Syllabus
Lesson 1 Introduction, Major Arcana - The Fool to The Hierophant.
Lesson 2 Major Arcana - The Lovers to Death.
Lesson 3 Major Arcana - Temperance to The World.
Lesson 4 Meditating on Major Arcana, Tau Cross Spread.
Lesson 5 Minor Arcana - Ace to Ten of Cups.
Lesson 6 Minor Arcana - Page of Cups to Five of Wands.
Lesson 7 Minor Arcana - Six of Wands to King of Wands
Lesson 8 Spreads: Celtic Cross, Past Present & Future, a Question
Lesson 9 Minor Arcana - Ace to Ten of Swords.
Lesson 10 Minor Arcana - Page of Swords to Five of Pentacles.
Lesson 11 Minor Arcana - Six of Pentacles to King of Pentacles.
Lesson 12 Practise readings.

Tarot Intermediate Course
This 10 week course goes deeper into the themes and patterns of Tarot, symbolism, colour, numbers, and elements in the cards. There are a further 5 spreads for you to try, plus a more in depth look at the Celtic Cross spread, how to relate the cards to each other, reverse meanings, plus tips and guidelines on doing professional readings. cost £150.

Tarot Advanced Course
This course concentrates more on the people i.e. court cards in Tarot. We look at the signs of the zodiac and the symbolism of the elements. There are 5 new spreads. We also have a fun lesson on traditional gypsy cartomancy using playing cards as a form of divination. This course will deepen your own personal understanding of the cards and human nature. 10 lessons, cost £150.