Recommended Palmistry Books

I often get asked, which are the best palmistry books. There are so many to choose from!
I can recommend these palmistry books by some of my favourite authors.
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Some of the older hand reading books are now out of print, but are worth reading as they form the basis for modern palmistry ideas. You could try libraries, inter-library loan, or you may be able to purchase them second-hand.

Magda van Dijk-Rijneke
2017 - Magda's book now translated into English

Johnny Fincham
I highly recommend Johnny Fincham's palmistry books, especially .
The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry: Complete Palmistry Course Book with Exercises Green Magic Books. 2005
His second book is a palmistry course within a book Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours - The Easiest Palmistry Training Course Ever WrittenO Books 2007
His latest book gives the basics of handreading, good for beginners Palmistry Made Easy Dodona Books 2012

Frank C. Clifford
I also recommend the new Revised edition of Frank C. Clifford's book Palmistry 4 Today (US Edition with Diploma Course)
"Palm Reading: Discover the Secrets Hidden in Your Hand" Hamlyn 2004
"Palmistry 4 Today: The Fast and Accurate Way to Understand Yourself and the People Around You"
Rider & Co 2002, Flare Publications; 2Rev Ed edition 2007

Richard Unger "Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints" 2007

John Manning
"Digit Ratio: A Pointer to Fertility, Behavior and Health" 2002
"The Finger Book" 2008

Arnold Holtzman Ph.D
"The Illustrated Textbook of Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy ",
Greenwood-Chase Press 2004

Edward Campbell
"The Encyclopedia of Palmistry", Berkly Publishing Group 1996.

Dylan Warren Davies
"The Hand Reveals" Element Books Ltd 1993

Sacha Fenton and Malcolm Wright
"Living Palmistry" Aquarian 1990
(reprinted as "The Living Hand" 1986, "Modern Palmistry" Zambezi Publishing 2003)
"The Book of Palmistry" Carlton Books ltd 1996

Andrew Fitzherbert
"Hand Psychology" Avery Publishing Group 1989
"The Palmist's Companion: A History and Bibliography of Palmistry" Scarecrow Press 1992

Nathaniel Altman
"Discover Palmistry" Aquarian 1984, revised 1991
"The Palmistry Workbook" Aquarian 1984, reprint Sterling Publishing 1990
"Sexual Palmistry" Aquarian Press 1986. Revised:Adams Media Corp. 2002
"The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Palmistry" Sterling Publishing 1999

Lori Reid
"The Female Hand" Aquarian 1986
"Palmistry" Ward Lock 1990
"The Complete Book of the Hand" Pan 1991
"Health in Your Hands" Aquarian 1993
"The Elements of Handreading" Element Books Ltd 1995
"The Art of Hand Reading" Dk Publishing 1999

Beaven & Brooks
"The Nail in Clinical Diagnosis" Wolfe 1984

Dr. Eugene Scheimann & Nathaniel Altman
"Medical Palmistry - A Doctors Guide to better health through hand analysis" Aquarian 1989

Andrew Fitzherbert & Nathaniel Altman
"Career, Success and Self - fulfilment" Aquarian 1988.
aka "Palmistry - Your Career in Your Hands" Aquarian 1989

David Brandon-Jones
"Practical Palmistry" Rider 1981
"Your Palm, Barometer of Health" Rider 1985

Schauman & Alter
"Dermatoglyphics in Medical Disorders" Springer 1976

S.B. Holt
"The Genetics of Dermal Ridges" Springfield 1968

Beryl Hutchinson
"Your Life in your hands" Sphere 1967

Fred Gettings
"The Book of the Hand" Hamlyn 1965
"The Book of Palmistry" Tribune Books 1974
reprinted as "Palmistry" Chancellor Press 1993

Julius Spier
"The Hands of Children" Routledge & Kegan Paul 1955, reprint Sagar 1983

Frederick Wood Jones
"Principles of Anatomy as seen in the Hand" Balliere, Tindall & Cassel 1946

Cummins & Midlo
"Fingerprints, palms and soles" Dover 1943

Charlotte Wolff
"Studies in Handreading" Chatto/Windus 1936
"The Human Hand" Methuen 1942
"The Hand in Psychological Diagnosis" Methuen 1951

Noel Jaquin
" The Hand of Man" Faber 1933
"The Signature of Time" Faber 1940
"The Hand Speaks" London 1942

William Benham
"The Laws of Scientific Hand reading" 1900 reprinted as "The Benham Book of Palmistry" Newcastle 1988

"Language of the Hand" London 1897
"Cheiro's Palmistry for All" London 1917
"Cheiro's Guide to the Hand" London 1898
"How to Read Hands" London 1930
Cheiro's Memoirs: "The Reminiscences of a Society Palmist" (1912)

Other popular palm reading books:
Jennifer Hirsch: ‘God Given Glyphs’ 2010, click here to buy from Jen's website
Ronelle Coburn"Destiny at Your Fingertips"2008
Robin Gile"Complete Idiot's Guide to Palmistry" 2005
Roz Levine"Palmistry"2008
Laeticia Valverde "The Palmistry Workbook" 2004
Jane Struthers"The Palmistry Bible" 2005
Linda Domin"Instant Palm Reader" 2002

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