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Handreading Discussion Groups

Modern Hand Reading Forum
Martijn's discussion forum for hand reading, palmistry, a 'bridge' between science and modern hand analysis.

Yahoo Palmistry Primal Focus Group
Frank's online discussion group for anyone interested in hands.

Simian Line
Larry Rodrigues' picture gallery and discussion group on Simian Lines at Handanalysis.com


Cheirology.net - Handreading History
Christopher Jones' excellent History of Handreading. (hosted on Johnny Fincham's site)

"Hand Research" - Martijn van Mensvoort's site
Martijn is surely the Isambard Kingdom Brunel of Handreading!
Excellent bridge - builder between science and handanalysis!

Simian Line
Jennifer Boyer's collected information on the Simian Line

Ed Campbell's website
Collected information on the history of dermatoglyphics
Sept 2013 note - Ed's site has been down for a while. Until it is up and running again he has allowed me to host it, so the link now goes to a page on my website.

Freeflow Studio
Hand Reading Poster

PubMed, National Library of Medicine
Place to search for scientific research papers

Finger Nail diseases(not for the squeamish!)

Handreading Friends and Colleagues

Online interview
Interview with hand analyst Johnny Fincham

Johnny Fincham's website, Norwich, England.

Frank's website
Founder of "yahoo" palmistry group

I Read Hands
Patti Lightflower's website, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Palmistry based counselling
Frédérique Herel's website, Ontario, Canada

International Institute of Hand Analysis
Richard Unger's website, San Fransisco

Jenny Hirsch's website
Cheirology Centre in South Africa. Excellent e-books on chirology.

Human Hand
Kenneth A. Lagerstrom's website, Canada

Sari Puhakka's website Australia

Hand Analysis.com
Larry Rodrigues' website

Hand & Horoscope (in German & English)
Manfred Magg's website, Germany

Universele Handleeskunde
Magda Van Dijk, Netherlands.

Bharat Rochlin's palmistry website

John Harrison's palmistry website


Psychic Events
Chris Forster's Psychic, Healing & Crystal Festivals

Other Friends and Colleagues

Akashic Shaman
Trace Cz White Crow Medicine Woman, and Mark Nelson. Healing with Spirit or Sound, Shamanic journeying, counselling & guidance readings, didge healing, didgeridoo workshops, Healing Circles, Online shop with some unique, hand-made gifts.

Soothing Minds
Frances Harris' Healing Energy website

My Angel Card Readings
Comforting Personal Angel Card Readings by request, free Angel Messages, Angel Wisdom quotes, Healing with The Angels, The Healing Waterfall, Crystal information and identification, Fantasy Art and a lot more ...


Global Palm Reader Network
Find a Palmist or Palm Reader in 53 countries!

Body mind spirit Directory
Worldwide list of practitioners in Holistic Health, Metaphysics, Healing, Spirituality & Conscious Living