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Palmistry Courses

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Courses in Palmistry and Hand Analysis are available in Torquay, Devon, England.

If you'd like to take lessons in how to read tarot cards, or how to do palm reading, please contact me.

If there's enough demand, we'll put correspondence courses online.

logohand2 Palmistry Foundation Course

This is a 12 week Palmistry course, 2 hours a week,
that takes you through all the basics of traditional and modern hand reading.
Usually on Thursday evenings in Torquay, 2 hours a week. price £165, includes 24 hours tuition with 2 class teachers, lots of handprints to look at, plus comprehensive handouts for each lesson.

Palmistry Course Syllabus

Lesson 1 Intro. Map of the Hand – lines, fingers, mounts, History. Definitions. Elemental hand shapes. Purpose & ethics of doing readings.
Lesson 2 Back of hand - nails, hair, knuckles. Passive/Active hands. Skin texture.
Lesson 3 Fingers - length, signature, flexibility, what fingers represent, phalanges.
Lesson 4 Thumb.
Lesson 5 Taking Hand prints.
Lesson 6 Fingerprints.
Lesson 7 Intro to lines. Full/empty hands. Lifeline. Dating on lines.
Lesson 8 Headline. Heartline, Simian Line.
Lesson 9 Fate line, Minor lines.
Lesson 10 Markings on lines
Lesson 11 Minor markings. Ye olde fashioned traditional palmistry.
Lesson 12 Hand print reading.

Hand Analysis Foundation Course

The 16 week Foundation Course in 5-element Hand Analysis is an extremely comprehensive course, taking the beginner through the basics of elemental hand analysis, combined with the best bits of traditional palmistry. Those who have a grounding in traditional palmistry will find this course deepens your understanding, brings a new way of looking at hands, weeds out the myths, and also includes some advanced techniques and knowledge which you won't find in any palmistry books! The 16 week course costs £195, can be paid in instalments. Each lesson is 2.5 hours, total 40 hours tuition.
For details of dates & location (in Torquay) of next course, please email me.

Foundation Course Syllabus
Lesson 1 Introduction. Definitions. Map of the Hand. Elemental Handshapes.
History of Hand Analysis. Recommended reading.
Lesson 2 Principles and interaction of the elements.
Passive / Active hands. Skin texture.
Lesson 3 Elemental archetypes, physiology & physiognomy.
Lesson 4 Back of the hand : - hair, knuckles, mouse,
Nails - shape, colour, markings.
Lesson 5 Taking Hand prints. Hand print check list of features.
Fingers - length, signature, setting, flexibility, fingertips, rings.
Lesson 6 What each finger represents. Hand Gestures.
Lesson 7 The thumb:- setting, length, flexibility, phalanges,
tip shape, thumb print. Angles of dexterity & confidence.
Lesson 8 Dermatoglyphics I : - Fingerprints - general.
Fingerprints on each finger
Lesson 9 Dermatoglyphics II : - Palmar Patterns.
Lesson 10 Finger phalanges. Map of Mounts
Introduction to lines. Full/empty hands.
Lines - quality, width, form, length.
Lesson 11 Lifeline - Earth.
Fate Line - Fire/earth.
Lesson 12 Headline - Air
Heartline - Water. Simian Line
Lesson 13 Markings on lines.
Lesson 14 Minor lines: - Girdle of Venus, Via lasciva, line of intuition.
Apollo line (Minor fire). Hepatica (Minor Air) Line of Mars (Fire)
Lesson 15 Subsidiary lines & markings.
Chronology, prediction, lines & events.
Lesson 16 Print reading

Course includes full notes on handouts.
If you attended our palmistry course, you may not be able to see much difference just by looking at the syllabus. Some of the course is similar (good revision!) but most of it is a different way of looking at the lines and other features of the hand, all based on the elements. Once you know the elements, you can interpret everything on the hand, it gives a more in-depth look at hands/ people/ life than palmistry does. I find it all very exciting and love teaching it! Hope you'll enjoy it too!