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Discovery, Unit P,
upstairs, Torquay Market,
Market Street, Torquay. Devon. TQ1 3AE.
01803 211353

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Torquay Market

Discovery, Torquay Market

Buy Tarot cards, Oracle decks and books at Discovery.

tarot decks

I sell a range of Tarot cards, Oracle decks, books on tarot, palmistry and other Mind Body Spirit and health related subjects, all at very reasonable prices (sometimes cheaper than amazon!). If there is a particular book or deck you are looking to buy, please ask and I will try to source it for you.
We also stock Trace CZ's range of smudging herbs, sage sticks, spirit feathers etc.
Phil stocks hypnosis CDs and some CDs of relaxing music.

About Discovery
Lynn, Betty and Phil opened "Discovery" in Torquay town centre Market in 2009, as a focus for people who are looking for a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives.

With the main services on offer:
Hand Analysis/Palmistry
 Clinical Hypnosis

you can discover a wealth of information that can assist you on practical, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

palm reading

I am available for tarot and palmistry readings at Discovery most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12pm - 5pm. Other days and times may be possible by prior appointment.
It is best to book appointments for readings in advance.
Feel free to call in for more info, pick up a leaflet, chat about your requirements and to check when I am available.

Philip and Betty are available at Discovery on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Life-Path Tarot readings, chakra balancing, Reiki, energy healing, clinical hypnosis, past life regression.
First Tuesday of every month is our drop-in day at Discovery: Taster therapy sessions, healing, tarot and guidance readings by donation. We are joined by practitioners from other therapy rooms in Torquay market, Torquay Market Holistic Hub, offering massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, Life coaching, hypnotherapy, crystal jewellery, shamanic journeying, and more!
You are welcome to pop in to meet the Torquay Market Holistic team, for info, leaflets and friendly advice.

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magenta logoPalmistry and Tarot readings with Lynn

at 'Discovery' in Torquay Market

Probably the most in-depth hand reading you
will ever have!

Discovery, upstairs, Torquay Indoor Market, Market Street, Torquay. Devon. TQ1 3AE.

phone Lynn on 01803 211353 or email lynn@handanalysis.co.uk

Choice of readings available with Lynn at Discovery.

Traditional Tarot reading. 40 mins

Usually a Celtic Cross spread, followed by extra cards if necessary for clarification of any issues or questions.


Traditional Tarot reading. 1 hour
Celtic Cross spread as above plus more time to discuss and take extra cards if necessary for specific questions.


90 minute appointment
In-depth palm reading / hand analysis

A detailed look at all aspects of your hands, combining traditional palmistry and 5-element hand analysis,
interpreting all the features and explaining what they say about you and your life. Plenty of time for you to ask questions and discuss aspects of the reading, or to focus on a particular issue or area of life in more detail. Good for taking stock of your life: past, present and direction for the future, having a re-think, getting to know yourself, self-acceptance, decision making, creating change for the future etc.


2 hour+ appointment
Palmistry and Tarot combined.

A comprehensive reading combining a 90 minute in-depth palmistry / hand analysis reading, followed by a full Celtic Cross Tarot spread. This reading is minimum 2 hours, often 2 and a half hours!


Follow-up palm reading 45mins
Seeing what's changed:

Bring along your old hand prints, we'll take new ones & compare to see what's changed. The fingerprints never change, but the lines on the hand can change, sometimes subtly and slowly, but sometimes dramatically!


Relaxation and stress management

Learn some techniques on how to relax and cope better with stress. Come for a chat first and we can work out a session or a programme that would best suit your needs.

from £10.
First 30 min. consultation FREE

I provide a free recording of your reading on tape, mp3 file or CD, or you can record it on your phone (you might want to bring your phone charger). Palmistry readings include a set of your hand prints to keep.

Click here for more detailed information about the various types of readings

Testimonials~    a few selected testimonials out of thousands from early '90s to 2016
" This is incredible, Lynn just kept getting me right. It's helpful too."
Bibi Lynch journalist, 'Red' Magazine. (see her full magazine write-up on "articles" page.)

" You helped me find a way through my immediate problems, and I felt there was hope for my future."


" You were inside my head and my heart, you know just how I tick. It's absolutely brilliant."


" You blew me away with this one. I could not believe you could pick that up from a hand, but it is absolutely true."


" Wow, thanks Lynn. It's amazing you can read so much into the hands, it all makes a lot of sense!"


"This woman is bloody amazing, she knew all about me. How the hell did she do that?!"

Angie recommending me to her friends after a reading.

"Well, there's no doubt you are a palmistry geek and know your stuff. I came as a sceptic but you passed the test."


To read more about Lynn click here

Visit Discovery Website: www.discovery.me.uk